10 August 2014

Last Word

This little place
to turn and pace
filled up with sand
sometimes with grace

O wheels, turn
O letters, burn
I fire the love
for which I yearn

A half-made song

a moving on

spread the ashes

forget the wrong


Thank you for reading, if you've wandered by.
Today's the day for this blog to fly.
More poems may appear - 
but over here:

Go well, 
be well.

20 July 2013

To A Lost Friend

lost friend, I find you on my mind
no, wrong part, you're standing on my heart

no need, no asking of you
this is a blip
i am here as one beat
i am an EKG of one-love

i'm a lover of good beginnings, lost friend
and a good one i made with you

i'm a believer in good endings, lost friend

like Neil said
it's better to burn out than to fade away
yeah i agree with Neil

i'd rather practice this stuff the hard, good way
i’d rather let conscious containment work within me
i’d rather let conscious connection reach out through me

i'd rather be awake, lost friend
i’d rather stand up
potent in all things
wouldn’t that be nice?

i’d rather be present and accounted for 
for things big and small
wouldn't that be nice?

so this is a single firework, lost friend

as golden, against darkness, as the sound of lion-talk
as amber as lion’s tawny forehead 
and lion’s pure eye turned to face you, lost friend

this single saffron flare blossoming up, then down
says thank you

i acknowledge that a fade-out is complete

i mark it with a little,
a real,
a light-falling goodbye

all our connections
even the ones that come sideways and slipping
create movement:
orbiting circular momentum, magnetic gravitational pulls and pushes
because what are we but little galaxies

little spinning worlds of worlds
moving with our own beautiful speeds and weights 
we bump
and then the possibilities are endless:
merging, tangling, pressing through

i saw you whirling away, lost friend
i can't see you anymore
i mark the direction of your path with respect

22 June 2013

It's About Time

arrow through the open window 
landed on my waking pillow
summer's morning shot its messenger
it curled comfortably in my ear

singing to itself,
quiet, singing,
letting me overhear:

sky holds your true names
many they are

call them down
call them down

moss of earth shelters your story
one story it is

call it up 
call it up

the waters' waves hold your future

do nothing
only wait with your ignorance beside you

however you must
hold your fire in your own hands

carefully burn your outside to your inside
scorch them into one and the same

26 December 2012

Turn And Face (in flowing)

I am cat I am mouse

Hungry eagle and dangling rabbit
also dripping salmon
talons in my rose flesh

Hiding doesn’t work for long:
you have to move eventually

so I hunt myself

I run between rain trees 
they become slips dark flashes
mere suggestions of round solidity,
passed by 
and passed by

they become carven-stone witnesses,
their cheeks wet

I run among them
until I lose my own plot
until I turn 
and turn
to chase my hunter

The deer pursuing Artemis
looking now, running now
for her white-bone arrow

taking it into the heart
and plunging on

State Your Case (in staccato)

I am in your mouth now, you can taste me
You saw me 
oh you want to say me

You keep me on your tongue between your mountain teeth

Strike a stone on the earth 
show some faith

Throw down a stone in the waters 
hear it speak one word

You can pray any way you want, why deny it?

Name me anything 
just name me 
drop me make a move

Make your move

Given a chance I will roll down the hill of your story 
of your desire

Then it gets simple

Just follow

Spill Over (in chaos)

Somewhere uphill
a lake turned, tired, in its bed of stone

Scraped by dreaming
it opened its mouth to breathe

instead a river poured out
pummelled a raw path of
must move
must move on

it found.

Just the edge it needed 

It hurled itself over the jutting bone of earth
to fall and fall
a wingless howling angel horde

that’s where I took over.

Pounded down upon.

I received messages through my neck bones
I watched chill streams of broken
pelt off my elbows and fingerprints

I did try to keep it together for a while

I dried my hands twice in my sun-heated hair
I wound the strands with their dusty animal smell 
tight around my fingers

I bandaged my wrists snug
I sat my hands down by my campfire
I led them to a vivid bed of coals

they steamed.

The eyes in their palms were open much wider 
than I had known they could open

They glared at me with fierce disbelief.

Their stare slapped my cheeks
until I melted from my neck bones
received breath of lake
drank blood of river

And my blood fell down inside my heart
my bones fell down inside my skin
my mind fell down into my hands

So I shook them 
I shook them
from my hands I shook holy drops like clear cries
onto the desperate yawning dry ground

Because We Can (in lyrical)

Sweetly we land 
in the lap in the hand

First we are feather

we flap, we whistle
we lift it all up and it costs us

and when it costs too much we are lost
but it's okay because 
we can fall down invisible spiral staircases

Next we are pebble

our sweet little plunking landings
make the pretty fish look up
to where the water is sending important ripples 
out from the centres of our light stone bellies

the water says yes, yes
to the way we cooperate with being thrown
and to our gentle splash

And last
we are key

we simply