24 May 2011

Simple Song

I call you every day, you know,
but never on the phone

I know just enough to know
that you won’t be at home

My cleverness lies gasping
on the floor where it got thrown

And there’s a you-shaped space right here
and so I’m not even alone

This is not my tale
It’s not mine to tell so
I’ll put these words back in my mouth
Any day now
I will

It’s no use being sensible now
the thousand birds have flown

The throne is empty, dust collects,
the garden’s overgrown

I can hear the old trees calling
to their seeds all gone, windblown

Still my mind keeps falling into you
a lonely little stone

This is not my legend
It’s not mine to mine so
I’ll pull the thread and spool it up in me
Any day now
I will

I lead myself in circles
a honey-drunken drone

It’s not easy knowing
this thunder impulse to be known

It relinquishes the blood
but buries tight into the bone

But the surgeon’s good, no one will see
where stitches have been sewn

This is not my war story
It’s not mine to survive so
I’ll rewind the flashbacks
I’ll shake them off with a shrug
Any day now
I will