31 July 2012


you certainly weren't cornered 
in fact your freedom is colossal
you bit me anyway
kind of hurts
poorly-defended places that were already purple-blue of 5 a.m. sky
full-flowered sweet spots attempting to un-blossom
trying to pull it all back into the bud
bones say
even your ghosts have given up on you
kind of sweet
twisted sugar-and-air ropes binding elbows to ribs
tagging right ankle to left
so easy to fall this way
so hard to get back up
back teeth say
this is too much
this aftertaste of what the fuck
some of me is pawing through the cupboard for the first aid kit
throwing things over my shoulder
some of me labours and sweats to snip away 
the grabby threads of honey between
the rest of me admits you deserve a high five

18 July 2012


your presence 
a dry leg bone 
from a creature that ran and ran
and tried to run again
but did not escape
lying cracked on this canyon floor
emptier than pain
its old pain picked clean
all clear of life
troubled some
by blood it used to keep
knowing you will never fill it again
you have deserted
so it is silent 
it is still 
it is on its own
so go, so go, it says
it says, you’re gone, keep going
in remembrance
of leaps and bounds
of flights of faith
I will carry its bareness to the river
I will carve its hollowness with finger-holes and light-windows
and breathe
and my song will splash and run 
with the waters, it will go its own way