24 September 2012

Sun Eaters

because we already have the sun in our bellies
we think nothing of swallowing it again

we look upon the golden ball of blinding fire
and we say yes

yes to its way of 
burn it down
yes to its way of
use it up

we know the sky’s fire-god eye will blink
will leave us again and again

we know that very soon now it will walk out of our dome
and things will dim to a simmer for a while that feels long

so really
what else would we do
but show it the way back into us

so we hold the sun in our tender hands 
without fear of scalding and smoking like tinder about to catch

so we crouch like the lithe spiritual athletes we are
and dribble that sun like a basketball
with demonically free grins on our faces

so we hold it up like the cup 
that holds everything we treasure most
and we we pour el sol out

it courses in fiery veins
over our faces and into our hungry throats

yes is our answer to breaking things

yes is the word we speak to breaking through 
to unknown, uproarious territories
and godly habits
of perception

drinking the nearest star
that is how we intend
to embrace 
it all