26 December 2012

Spill Over (in chaos)

Somewhere uphill
a lake turned, tired, in its bed of stone

Scraped by dreaming
it opened its mouth to breathe

instead a river poured out
pummelled a raw path of
must move
must move on

it found.

Just the edge it needed 

It hurled itself over the jutting bone of earth
to fall and fall
a wingless howling angel horde

that’s where I took over.

Pounded down upon.

I received messages through my neck bones
I watched chill streams of broken
pelt off my elbows and fingerprints

I did try to keep it together for a while

I dried my hands twice in my sun-heated hair
I wound the strands with their dusty animal smell 
tight around my fingers

I bandaged my wrists snug
I sat my hands down by my campfire
I led them to a vivid bed of coals

they steamed.

The eyes in their palms were open much wider 
than I had known they could open

They glared at me with fierce disbelief.

Their stare slapped my cheeks
until I melted from my neck bones
received breath of lake
drank blood of river

And my blood fell down inside my heart
my bones fell down inside my skin
my mind fell down into my hands

So I shook them 
I shook them
from my hands I shook holy drops like clear cries
onto the desperate yawning dry ground

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