20 July 2013

To A Lost Friend

lost friend, I find you on my mind
no, wrong part, you're standing on my heart

no need, no asking of you
this is a blip
i am here as one beat
i am an EKG of one-love

i'm a lover of good beginnings, lost friend
and a good one i made with you

i'm a believer in good endings, lost friend

like Neil said
it's better to burn out than to fade away
yeah i agree with Neil

i'd rather practice this stuff the hard, good way
i’d rather let conscious containment work within me
i’d rather let conscious connection reach out through me

i'd rather be awake, lost friend
i’d rather stand up
potent in all things
wouldn’t that be nice?

i’d rather be present and accounted for 
for things big and small
wouldn't that be nice?

so this is a single firework, lost friend

as golden, against darkness, as the sound of lion-talk
as amber as lion’s tawny forehead 
and lion’s pure eye turned to face you, lost friend

this single saffron flare blossoming up, then down
says thank you

i acknowledge that a fade-out is complete

i mark it with a little,
a real,
a light-falling goodbye

all our connections
even the ones that come sideways and slipping
create movement:
orbiting circular momentum, magnetic gravitational pulls and pushes
because what are we but little galaxies

little spinning worlds of worlds
moving with our own beautiful speeds and weights 
we bump
and then the possibilities are endless:
merging, tangling, pressing through

i saw you whirling away, lost friend
i can't see you anymore
i mark the direction of your path with respect